004. good news!

Hello, people. I am extremely tired, but there are some major updates you should know about.

First of all, before I went back to school, precisely on September 14th, I opened my joined page: Addicted! Just a simple space where I keep all my joined fanlistings, with a very simple layout (that I like very much <3).

The rotation has two new members and now 12 songs have been claimed!

The real good news, however, concerns the applications I sent to TAFL. In fact, I got approved for Hiwatari Kai (Bakuten Shoot Beyblade)! <333 Also, Hoshi is letting me adopt the wonderful Anime/Manga Fanfiction, and I'm really proud to be its new owner! <33

Kai's fanlisting is almost ready now, I just have to make some more codes and then it will be up soon, next week at the latest. I'm turning it into a shrine, too. While I'm going to spend Saturday afternoon working on getting everything set for Anime/Manga Fanfiction.

That's all, folks! :D I'm still crossing my fingers for two more applications I sent (they are both songs: Taiji-oku Sango from Inu Yasha and Sofa from xxxHOLiC), although being able to own those two fanlistings has totally made my day. ♥

003. new community layout!

Alright! Since I didn't really like the old layout, I changed it and added also a header with Maron. The profile looks a lot better, too!

Oh, and from now on you can request affiliation to this community. Just go to the affiliation post and... well, you know how it works, right? :D

As for the domain, there are no major updates as of yet. The rotation is slowly growing and already 10 songs have been claimed. I've also added four affiliates.

Also, I have applied for some fanlistings over at TAFL, and now I can't wait to know if they have been approved or not. kill-fors, people

Also, I have worked on getting everything set for Reflection, my old fanlisting collective. The major pages are done, but I'll wait until I actually have some fanlistings before I open it. So, stay tuned! :D

001. opening!

The domain is officially open! :D

All the pages are up and working. There isn't much yet, but I'm currently working on a couple of projects, so keep an eye on the domain! Feel free to contact me for questions and such. If you want to be an affiliate, then go on and send me an e-mail with the url of your domain! I'll be more than happy to add you. :D
I hope you like the layout~! Comments are loved. <3