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009. almost done + twitter update account

Howdy! Finally, an update! Since September started, I had to take care of some things and I had to stop converting fanlistings for a while. Thank goodness I managed to convert the majority of them before mid-September, so I was left with only three fanlistings to convert. :)

Anyway! Now almost all of the fanlistings have been converted to Listing Admin (except for one, which is Taijioku Sango) and I've also recently revamped Precious Item, the Ocarina of Time (item) fanlisting! :D I'm so happy I could make a new layout for it, because I couldn't quite stand the i-frames of the old layout, haha. It took me quite some time to make this one, to be honest, because I wasn't sure myself how I wanted it to be. I'm really happy with how it came out, though. ♥

I've been having an annoying layout block for the past months, but now it seems that inspiration to make layouts has finally struck me! So expect some more layouts in the future.

Also, I don't think I've mentioned it before, but a while back I renamed and made a new layout for my joined page. So here I present you To Fangirl, my shiny new joined page with a shiny new layout!

Before I leave, I would like to let everyone know that I've made a Twitter update account for Eternal-Wings.net! It's @alieterne. Feel free to follow it for quick updates on layouts, fanlistings... and, well, everything else~! :D

I'm going to make a new layout for the Taijioku Sango fanlisting and revamp/convert it asap (probably tomorrow or some time this week). Stay tuned for more updates! :)
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