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007. granted wishlisters!

And here we have... two more wishlisters! :D You know, all the approvals I've recently received make me really happy, because slowly all my big wishlisters are being granted! So now, I proudly present you:

Only Human, the fanlisting for Kisshu from Tokyo Mew Mew! He's been on my wishlist for as much time as Kai (well, probably a bit less, since I discovered TMM later than Beyblade), so, when I saw that no one had made a fanlisting yet, I decided to take a chance! The layout is very simple and I also plan on adding some info on this character once I have the time. As for the name... it comes from a song and I think it fits Kisshu, somehow. I will probably give an explanation of the name in the shrine section later.

Zero Gravity, the fanlisting for The Fly from Card Captor Sakura. The Fly has always been my absolute favourite card, as it also represents a wish I had when I was a child (well, even now) - that is, to fly. About the name... it's actually pretty funny. I was thinking of a name for the fanlisting with some music in the background (usually I just open Winamp and it starts playing all the songs in my playlist). I was thinking of naming it Into The Sky, or Fly High, but still, I wasn't 100% convinced of neither of the two. So I stopped thinking for a moment and listened to the song that was playing at that time and there I heard it - "...it's zero gravity [...] you lift my head up and i get lost in the clouds [...] it's a zero gravity..." Don't know if you recognized it, but it's Zero Gravity by David Archuleta. I immediately thought the name was perfect. And, come on, just when I was thinking of a name for The Fly fanlisting, this song comes up. It's gotta be hitsuzen. Now, the layout. I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like. And this one... it looks even better than it did in my head. It has never happened to me before. Every time I have a layout idea in my head, the layout doesn't quite come up like I had imagined it. But with this one... it's different. I love this layout to pieces. ♥

Now that I have completed these two fanlistings, I don't have anything else upcoming/pending at TAFL. I have a couple of pending fanlistings over at TFL, all Pokemon related. So yeah... I'll keep my fingers crossed! :D
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