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♛ look up to the stars and believe who you are ★

004. good news!

Hello, people. I am extremely tired, but there are some major updates you should know about.

First of all, before I went back to school, precisely on September 14th, I opened my joined page: Addicted! Just a simple space where I keep all my joined fanlistings, with a very simple layout (that I like very much <3).

The rotation has two new members and now 12 songs have been claimed!

The real good news, however, concerns the applications I sent to TAFL. In fact, I got approved for Hiwatari Kai (Bakuten Shoot Beyblade)! <333 Also, Hoshi is letting me adopt the wonderful Anime/Manga Fanfiction, and I'm really proud to be its new owner! <33

Kai's fanlisting is almost ready now, I just have to make some more codes and then it will be up soon, next week at the latest. I'm turning it into a shrine, too. While I'm going to spend Saturday afternoon working on getting everything set for Anime/Manga Fanfiction.

That's all, folks! :D I'm still crossing my fingers for two more applications I sent (they are both songs: Taiji-oku Sango from Inu Yasha and Sofa from xxxHOLiC), although being able to own those two fanlistings has totally made my day. ♥
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