♛ look up to the stars and believe who you are ★ (chibichan) wrote in alieterne,
♛ look up to the stars and believe who you are ★

003. new community layout!

Alright! Since I didn't really like the old layout, I changed it and added also a header with Maron. The profile looks a lot better, too!

Oh, and from now on you can request affiliation to this community. Just go to the affiliation post and... well, you know how it works, right? :D

As for the domain, there are no major updates as of yet. The rotation is slowly growing and already 10 songs have been claimed. I've also added four affiliates.

Also, I have applied for some fanlistings over at TAFL, and now I can't wait to know if they have been approved or not. kill-fors, people

Also, I have worked on getting everything set for Reflection, my old fanlisting collective. The major pages are done, but I'll wait until I actually have some fanlistings before I open it. So, stay tuned! :D
Tags: community, fanlistings, fanlistings: pending, fanlistings: tafl, fl collective: reflection, rotation: i get the feeling
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